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The series was based on the legend of Robin Hood but with a twist - Maid Marian (Kate Lonergan) was the true hero, whilst Robin (Wayne Morris) was a useless coward who always got the credit (imagine a cross between Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Louis Theroux).
You can either buy them in their own shells, or already shucked and in their own liquor by the pint or quart. This is due in large part to a perhaps undeserved reputation: wild duck meat is thought to taste irreparably gamey. Because if you wait, it's all gone.
But the fact is, we're spending money that we don't have on things that we don't absolutely need and there's no grown-ups in washington that will say time-out, stop the politics, let's have a compromise rather than to continue to play the game through the press and hurt the country.
The right dress to show off color and style is a tea-length ball gown with a full bodice and wide spaghetti shoulder straps. The sheet or board is divided into squares, one for each scene. It is predicted that the heavily strapped and also heeled versions of the sandals will be hit between girls.
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